Yello (you are one of us now)

So you stumbled across this, you must be either very bored or incredibly unlucky. We are a couple of siblings who get along well and tend to say nonsense of the most varied type. What can you find in this thing? Well the answer is simple just random thoughts, some trashy philosophical views and a collection of rants of whatever is aggravating usĀ at the moment. Also maybe some short stories for the betterment of society.

Next you ask, why do this? It’s simple we have the means and some poor soul out there is so bored he/she might find some entertainment in our ramblings, it also works as an escape valve for us to vent. That said the only thing regular about me is my ability to procrastinate so yeah…

Also expect lots of grammar mistakes, punctuation errors and some light swearing (curse words if you will M’Lord) as I really don’t have the energy to properly format these things besides it’s for shits and giggles not to win a Pulitzer.

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